Miracle Birth Story – Born in a Car at 34 weeks (Part 1)

I’ve been blessed with very smooth pregnancies. With #2, I had mild morning sickness and tiredness, but overall I felt good, and kept active with occasional workouts and running around with my toddler.

Swimming with Ethan 1 month before Elijah was born

EJ and I always choose not to find out our baby’s gender. So we could only make guesses, and have others use a cocktail of old wives tales to tell us what they thought. About 80% were guessing it was a girl. Even the delivery man! (because Ethan has inverted nipples???)

Ethan’s birth was pretty fast, so we were expecting the 2nd one to also come quite quickly. We even joked about giving birth at home, and I read up about what to do during an unplanned home birth. I started packing my hospital bag at 32 weeks, and we went for the hospital tour so we would know what to do when I was in labour. EJ and I were in discussions with our doctor about how he could film the birth, because there’s a lot of red tape in hospitals. EJ also had to decide whether to take a job that required him to travel the week after my due date. We were still expecting our baby to be born at full term, since everything was progressing normally.

Then when I just hit 34 weeks (on 29 September 2015), we were due for our gynae appointment. That morning, I started having contractions, which I thought were braxton hicks. They were quite mild-moderate but not regular, so I attributed it to overexerting myself the previous day. And I had my appointment at 11am anyway, so I could just check with the doctor then.

Here’s what happened…

11am. As usual, we took Ethan along for the appointment. I told the doctor that I was having contractions. She did the ultrasound, and also did an internal check. All looked good, and she said Baby was going to stay in there for a few more weeks. We talked about medication to ease the contractions, but agreed that we could wait and see if they got more severe. I don’t like taking any kind of medication when I’m pregnant and breastfeeding, because of the risk that it might affect the child.

12pm. We went to my mum’s place, which is where I do most of my work while she helps to take care of Ethan. The contractions became worse and EJ called the clinic to ask if we should come back and get the medication. The doctor said that it may have become worse because of the internal check, and I should just rest at home for a while. EJ almost left to do some errands because I told him that everything would be ok and I just needed to rest. Thankfully he didn’t listen to me and decided to hang around, because that’s when it became like a scene from the movies.

1230pm. I went to the toilet, and out came the mucous plug. That’s when I said we HAD TO GET TO THE HOSPITAL. I asked my mum to get a towel, because I didn’t want to get the car dirty if my water bag burst. She gave me 1 towel (If you are ever in that situation, bring 10 towels!!) In between contractions, I managed to clamber up into the backseat of the Toyota Fortuner. My mum went to get changed so she could come along, but as we waited in the car, things were escalating and I said we really had to go, and we drove off without telling my mum!

Traffic was heavy, and we slowly moved along, trying to get onto the highway. I had very strong urges to push, and told (well, yelled at…) EJ that I didn’t think we could make it! He asked “can you hold it in??” erm. No.

He turned around and saw the baby crowning.

1245pm-ish. I gave a push, and felt a gush of liquid coming out. And, together with the liquid and blood, came a little baby. He kind of slid out. It was incredible. I didn’t really believe what was happening. I hit Baby on the back a few times (like a true ER fan), and baby started to cry. *sighs of relief that he was breathing*

EJ pulled over to the side road, and we looked around to see if there were any neighbourhood clinics nearby. There were none. And there were actually hardly any people on the road! I wrapped the baby in an extra t-shirt that EJ kept in his car, but before that, I took a peek… we had a BOY!

EJ pulled over into Geylang East Central

EJ tried to call the ambulance, but couldn’t get through (!!). He called his dad, to help us contact the hospital and alert them that we were coming. EJ then got through to the police, who redirected us to the paramedics. I had to hold my newborn son, while also holding the phone and answering many questions about the baby’s appearance, and the pregnancy.

We got to the hospital, and there was a nurse waiting for us. She cut the umbilical cord, took the baby, and an assistant helped me into a wheelchair and we made our way to the delivery suite…

Finally holding my baby again, after they did the initial checks. It would be many more days before I could hold him again.
Finally holding my baby, after they did the initial checks. It would be many more days before I could hold him again.

In Part 2, I’ll tell you more about what happened after that.

But here are some FAQs that people have when they find out about the birth:

Who delivered the baby?

I did! I was the only one at the backseat. Thankfully, Ethan was at my mum’s place. I can’t imagine what he would have done if he was in the car too! I was sitting slightly sideways, so when the baby came out, I could guide him onto the seat and then into my arms.

Just after Elijah was born in the car

Was the car bloody?

Yes. VERY. EJ spent the afternoon cleaning it up. And even today we sometimes find a few spots of blood which had gone unnoticed.

Why was he born premature?

Since the gynae wasn’t there at the birth, she is not 100% sure. But because of the amount of blood that came out, and also because the placenta came out at the same time as the baby, she thinks it may have been due to placenta abruption, where the placenta lining separates from the uterus. This often causes bleeding and pain before the birth, but I didn’t experience either, so we really don’t know.

After reading up more, I realised this is actually quite a dangerous condition, especially if there are no signs. My baby could have just died from lack of oxygen and nutrients, without me even realising it! Thank God that he came out early so he could get help.

What does his birth certificate say?

Place of birth: “Junction of Paya Lebar Road and Geylang East Central”

You saved a lot on hospital fees!

We saved on doctor’s fees, and I was discharged the next day. Unfortunately, Baby’s lungs were not well developed, and he had other issues. So he had to stay for 9 days in the NICU.

Do you know of an unusual birth story? 

This lady gave birth on Jetstar Airlines… and named her baby Jet Star!! 



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